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MANSFIELD BID / Accessibility


Here at the Mansfield BID we are committed to ensuring locals and visitors are able to easily navigate to, from and around our town centre to enable as many people to utilise services and businesses within our area.

Car Parking Charges

We will work to represent businesses’ to actively pursue free parking or reduced parking charges, providing parking incentives to attract people to the town, encourage them to stay for longer and ensure the town’s car parks provide a positive experience for visitors to our town.

Signage & Maps

Increase and enhanced a sense of welcome to our town centre car parks and at key gateways to the town centre through maps, signage, directions and event advertising.

Bus & Train Fares

Recognising all modes of travel into our town we will work together with bus and train providers to investigate promotional fares to attract more visitors by these sustainable travel methods.

01623 635675/633939
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