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Business Support & Growth

Cleansing & Maintenance Team

For the past 10 years Mansfield BID has delivered a cleaning and maintenance team that will assist your business low level business improvements such as painting, light bulbs refit, general DIY, jet washing, removal of rubbish or fly tipped waste from your property etc. The team will continue to help in any way or form to support you, your business and our town. 

Cardboard Collection Service

Mansfield BID listened to you in 2015 and introduced this service. We will continue our weekly collections of your business cardboard reducing business cost for each signed up business. This service is FREE to all businesses within the town centre. It helps Mansfield BID and businesses recognised as working hard to reduce CO2 footprint and striving to make our town economically friendly. On average we collect over 1040 tonnes of cardboard yearly.

Confidential Waste 

Mansfield BID offers all levy paying businesses a subsidised rate for their confidential waste collection saving further business costs to all signed up businesses. This service is available to all businesses within the town centre and ensures business in Mansfield complies with Data Protections and GDPR Law. 

Invest in Mansfield Business Grants

Mansfield BID understand the continuous constraints businesses are under and offer support and assistance. We aim to work closer to Invest in Mansfield & Ashfield to promote the business grants available for new and existing businesses set up in the Mansfield BID area. Mansfield BID wants to ensure businesses who wish to invest in their business have the option to apply for grants applicable as well as support throughout the application process.

Mansfield BID Pop Up Shops

Mansfield BID will explore ways of delivering and managing a town centre pop up scheme enabling business start-ups to trial their business model in our vacant units as well as window wrapping high profile units that are in need of major investment to be leased by an end user. Mansfield BID will continue to work hard at turning a negative into a positive to benefit your business and our town centre. 

Business Savings

Having saved in excess of £127,000.00 so far for 59 businesses we want to continue to offer a real benefit to new and existing businesses by securing preferential rates on utilities, telecoms and merchants’ fees.

Mansfield BID provides a bespoke service through a partner agency Business Saving Experts who provide 1-2-1 business support for all Mansfield Business levy payers free of charge. Jill will come and visit you in your business providing support to complete a comparative search on your behalf.

Mansfield Town Centre Levy Payers Meeting

Mansfield BID know communication is key. We have developed a series of meetings that enable you and your businesses to find out what is happening in our town including planning, policing, planned events and activities to participate in and an update from the BID and projects earmarked in the Business Plan. This provide you the opportunity to voice both your concerns and suggestions to deliver and advocate change for our town.

A Voice for Business

Mansfield BID will continue to be a strong and collective voice for business that has an influence on our town centre decision making and lobby to future change to compliment and support Mansfield Town not become a hinderance. This includes planning applications, regeneration and development plans, local authority planning policy, and town centre vision masterplan.

Heritage Lottery Fund - Leeming Street 

In 2016 Mansfield BID was awarded an initial fund to investigate the feasibility of a Heritage Townscape application for Leeming Street.  In 2018 Mansfield District Council was awarded the full funding to deliver this scheme initiated by Mansfield BID. We will continue to work in partnership with Mansfield District Council to ensure the £1 million-pound funding is used and improves the shop frontages on Leeming Street. To sit on all Strategic panels overseeing this project, and ensure updates is sent to all businesses in OUR town.

Town Centre Strategic Vision: The Economic Masterplan

Mansfield BID understands the importance of town centre planning and the weight this holds to ensure ‘a town centre first’ policy is adopted. We will continue to lobby a strong and collective voice for business to influence future planning documents that affect our town and your business. to ensure all approved planning documents we are consulted on and your voice is heard. to ensure the policy is robust and can influence ‘a town centre first’ ethos and oppose out of town retail development throughout the policy to encourage private and public sector investment in ‘our town’ first and foremost. Mansfield Town Centre needs this vital vision to ensure future regeneration is fit for purpose and in line with what you, your business and our town needs to continue to be viable, vibrant and full of vitality for all who work, visit and live in Mansfield.

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