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MANSFIELD BID / Clean Appealing & Accessible Town

Clean Appealing & Accessible Town

It is in our best interest to ensure our town centre is ideal for visitors - by ensuring there are no issues preventing this.

Street Cleansing

Mansfield BID will continue to hire a dedicated team to provide Street Cleansing and hot washes of hot spot areas making sure the town centre is clean and welcoming. We will also continue to deliver town centre street furniture painting, the removal of fly tipped rubbish on private land.

Free Town Centre WiFi

Mansfield BID were the first BID to offer free WIFI throughout the town centre and we will continue to provide this service for the next five years. We plan to ensure the system continues to be invested in as from 2020 ensuring the infrastructure is up to date with the latest technology to ensure it continue to offer a service to both businesses and the visitors we attract appealing to all visitors and to help advertise the town and your business in Mansfield.

Annual Hanging Baskets

Mansfield BID will continue to fund the provision of summer hanging baskets and flower planters throughout the town. Providing an annual splash of colour and vibrancy to you business and town by installing over 200 vibrant floral displays on the frontages of businesses and in key gateway locations throughout the town.

The hanging baskets are free to all business once the bracket has been purchased from the BID team.

Christmas in Mansfield

Mansfield BID will invest in Christmas Lights across the town centre each year by adding new features to our already fantastic lighting displays.

Lobbying for an Accessible and Thriving Town Centre

We understand shopping habits have changed along with out of town competition and associated incentive to visit. Mansfieldf BID will continue to work to represent businesses’ to actively pursue free parking or reduced parking charges, providing parking incentives to attract people to the town, encourage them to stay for longer and ensure the town’s car parks provide a positive experience for visitors to our town.

We will continue to endorse a ‘Mansfield town centre FIRST’ message.

Bus & Train Fares and Promotions

Recognising all modes of travel into our town we will work together with Bus and Train providers to investigate promotional fares to attract more visitors by these sustainable travel methods. Mansfield BID will continue to represent the business on the Nottinghamshire Quality Bus Partnership ensuring the needs of business is all members core objective endorsing the ‘Mansfield town centre FIRST’ message.

Gateway Signage and Maps

More needs to be done to ensure Mansfield town centre is clearly identifiable when trying to visit here. Mansfield BID will continue to source funding to Increase and enhance the town centre car parks and our key gateways to provide a sense of welcome to our to the town centre through maps, signage, directions and event advertising.
01623 635675/633939
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