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Our Priorities

We are here for you and our town, here is a break-down of what aspects and services we offer.

A Clean, Appealing & Accessible Town Destinations

Businesses Said: We Need To Compete Against Out Of Town Shopping Centres And Other Towns And Cities By Having A Cleaner And Greener Town And Reduced Parking Charges To Attract People To Shop, Relax And Stay For Longer – Make Mansfield More Accessible And Attractive For People That Drive And Visit

Our Commitment Is To Deliver:

  • Street Cleansing
  • Continue to provide Street Cleansing and hot washes in hot spot areas making sure the town centre is clean and welcoming. We will also continue to deliver town centre street furniture painting, and the removal of fly tipped rubbish on private land.

  • FREE Town Centre WIFI
  • We were the first BID to offer free WIFI throughout the town centre and we will continue to provide this service for the next five years. We plan to ensure the system infrastructure continues to be invested in to ensure it continues to offer a service to both businesses and the visitors we attract.

  • Annual Hanging Baskets
  • We will continue to fund the provision of summer hanging baskets and flower planters throughout the town. Providing an annual splash of colour and vibrancy to YOUR business and town.

  • Christmas in Mansfield
  • Continue to invest in Christmas Lights across the town centre. Continuing to look at new features to be added into our fantastic lighting displays.

  • Lobbying for an Accessible & Thriving Town Centre
  • We will work to represent businesses’ to actively pursue free parking or reduced parking charges, providing parking incentives to attract people to the town, encourage them to stay for longer and ensure the town’s car parks provide a positive experience for visitors to our town.

  • Bus & Train Fares & Promotions
  • Recognising all modes of travel into our town we will work together with Bus and Train providers to investigate promotional fares to attract more visitors by these sustainable travel methods.

  • Gateway Signage & Maps
  • Increase and enhanced a sense of welcome to our town centre car parks and at key gateways to the town centre through maps, signage, directions and event advertising.

The town centre WIFI helps support business and offers a unique service to the town for visitors to use and browse whilst visiting. This was definitely a bonus for our business.

Craig Kerry

The Mansfield Computer Store

A Safer & More Welcoming Town Centre

Businesses Said: To Continue To Improve Security For Our Businesses And Make A Positive Change To The Perceived Image Of Mansfield, It Is Important That People Want To Come To Mansfield, Feel Safe And Welcomed, As Well As Supporting Business Needs - The BID Can Continue To Help This Town Centre Get Back To What It Was - We Need An Attractive Environment To Encourage More Businesses And More Customers.

Our Commitment Is To Deliver:

  • BID Support Team
  • A team dedicated to patrolling the town providing additional support to the Police and Mansfield District Council specialising in retail support. The team will have Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS) powers enabling legal powers to disperse persons in the Town centre displaying antisocial behaviour or committing minor offences. The team will continue to be the first point of contact for the BID providing support and advice to both members of the public and businesses.

  • ACIS 2 - Crime Reporting System
  • To continue to invest and develop in the crime and intelligence sharing system that is FREE to ALL businesses. To enable businesses to log anti-social behaviour, and retail thefts by either PC or via a mobile app.

  • Radio Link
  • Manage the Town Centre Radio Link to ensure our town businesses are well connected and able to respond and share intelligence instantly linking with CCTV and the BID Support Team as well as Police and Neighbourhood Wardens. To Invest in the system transferring it to a Digital Network.

  • Business Crime Partnership
  • Continue to deliver the Business Crime Partnership to maintain the strong relationships and intelligence sharing with Nottinghamshire Police, and Mansfield District Council Community Safety Team and work together to reduce incidents and opportunities for crime and anti-social behaviour. To ensure it continues to achieve the recognised national accreditation to the national business crime partnerships standard.

  • Night Time Ambassadors
  • Continuing the delivery of the Ambassador role into the evening, we serve our night time economy by providing 2 SIA trained Night time Ambassadors to endorse ‘Safe And Friendly Environment For All’ (SAFE for all) to all visitors to our town during the evening and maintaining a patrol and effective liaison with our night time venues.

  • Diverted Giving Campaign Your Fiver Goes Further Off The Street Mansfield Street Support
  • New to 2018 we will continue work in partnership with Mansfield District Councils Mansfield Street Support, Diverted Giving Campaign which highlights an alternative way to donate money to provide support for genuine homeless and supports agencies that provide long term support for the homeless and vulnerable.

  • The Bid Continues To Work With All Multi-Agency Partners To Address This Ever-Increasing Issue In Town
  • To ensure the message of support for the genuine homeless is backed by businesses and our visitors to detract from attracting opportunist who manipulate the kind-hearted natured community Mansfield has.

  • The MALV Pubwatch
  • Continue to support The MALV meetings to ensure that licenced venues have a strong voice and feel included in BID services and work together seeking opportunities that supports the Night Time Economy.

  • Nottinghamshire Police
  • Continue to work in partnership to address and resolve localised issues that affect YOUR business. To continue to work in partnership to ensure OUR town centre crimes and offences are a priority.

    To investigate ways of smarter working linking the BID Initiatives with the policing infrastructure to build more robust evidence against town centre offenders to lead to a stronger prosecution.

I have found the Ambassadors a great help, in supporting in retail crime and keeping the business informed on what's going on in the town.

Adam Tingle

B & M

The support from the Ambassador regarding retail theft is invaluable and helps the company to secure prosecutions, reduce theft incidences and retains stock levels.

Paul Carlisle

Boots (St James' Retail Park)

Place Marketing, Promotion & Events

Businesses Said: We Need To Continue And Expand The Activity In The Town Centre To Bring Customers To Town – Mansfield Town Centre Would Benefit From More Late Night Events To Increase Footfall To Both Day And The Night Time Economy - Encourage A More Cohesive Approach To Promoting The Town To Increase More Dwell Time - Utilise Social Media Alongside More Traditional Marketing Methods To Promote The Town Centre And The Businesses - Promote And Endorse The ‘I Love Mansfield’ Brand Locally, Regionally And Nationally Making A Great Destination Better.

Our Commitment Is To Deliver:

  • Event Programme
  • Continue to deliver a robust programme of great quality events such as Armed Forces Day, Life’s A Beach, Garden & Craft Festival, Easter Trails and Christmas activities with the family in mind.

  • More Regular Events
  • Develop our events programme further to add a series of smaller, more frequent events in locations across our town centre.

  • I Love Mansfield Loyalty Card
  • We will continue to deliver the loyalty card membership scheme. The loyalty card scheme is FREE for your business to showcase your local offers, promotions and freebies. Currently over 6000 members take advantage of the offers and increase local spend in our town. We will continue to promote the card to as wide an audience as possible and support the ‘I Love Mansfield’ and ‘Shop Local’ message.

  • Promoting our Town Centre
  • Continue to promote our town centre on a local, regional and national scale with targeted campaigns for seasonal activities, using ‘I Love Mansfield’ branding and related schemes.

  • Mansfield Town Centre Customer Service Awards
  • To continue to support all sectors of our town centre by celebrating and endorsing the professional, high quality customer service offered in Mansfield. FREE for your business to enter and participate, collectively endorsing Mansfield as a destination to visit.

  • Mansfield BID Websites & Social Media
  • Maintain the Mansfield Town Centre, I Love Mansfield and Mansfield BID Websites and social media channels to reach the widest possible audience promoting YOUR Business and OUR Town.

  • Mansfield BID Newsletter Community Business Shopping Guides
  • To reshape how BID communicates and promotes our town by the creation of BID E-Newsletters to all businesses with monthly updates that are relevant. The creation of business and shopping guides to be delivered to the community raising the profile of the town, its local offers and forthcoming activities.

More smaller events to increase footfall all year round.

Sue Nelson

The Glazey Place

For the BID team to reach a target audience of 135 thousand people on one single social media post is amazing and brings awareness of our town to a much wider audience on what we have here to come and visit.

Karon Maxwell

F.A. Henshaws

Business Support & Growth

Businesses Said: There Are Still Too Many Empty Units. We Need People To Feel Confident About Our Town Centre. We Need To Concentrate On Filling Empty Shop Units To Increase Footfall. We Would Like The Bid To Work Closely With The Local Authority To Consider Ways To Help Promote Small And Encourage New Business.

Our Commitment Is To Deliver:

  • Cleansing & Maintenance Team
  • We will continue to deliver a cleansing and maintenance team that will assist your business with low level business improvements such as painting, changing light bulbs, general DIY, jet washing, removal of rubbish or fly tipped waste from your property etc. The team will continue to help in any way or form to support YOU, YOUR BUSINESS and OUR TOWN.

  • Cardboard Collection Service
  • We will continue our weekly collections of YOUR business cardboard reducing business cost for each signed up business. This service is FREE to all businesses within the BID area. It helps Mansfield BID and businesses be recognised as working hard to reduce CO2 footprint and striving to make OUR town economically friendly.

  • Confidential Watse
  • We will continue to offer subsidised confidential waste collection saving further business costs to all signed up businesses. This service is available to all within the town centre and ensures comply with Data Protections and GDPR Law.

  • Invest In Mansfield Business Grants
  • Mansfield BID wants to ensure businesses who wish to invest in their business have the option to apply for grants applicable as well as support throughout the application process.

  • Mansfield BID Pop Up Shops
  • Explore ways of delivering and managing a town centre pop up scheme enabling business start-ups to trial their business model in our vacant units.

  • Business Savings
  • Having saved in excess of £127,000.00 so far for 59 businesses we want to continue to offer a real benefit to new and existing businesses by securing preferential rates on utilities, telecoms and merchants’ fees.

  • Mansfield Town Centre Levy Payers Meeting
  • Develop a series of meetings that enables your business to find out what is happening in OUR town. Including planning, policing, planned events and activities and an update from the BID and projects earmarked in the Business Plan. YOU will have an opportunity to voice both your concerns and suggestions to deliver and advocate change for OUR town.

  • A Voice For Business
  • The BID will lobby future change to support Mansfield, by continuing to be a strong collective voice influencing decision making in OUR Town centre.

  • Heritage Lottery Fund - Leeming Street
  • To work in partnership with Mansfield District Council to ensure the £1 million-pound funding is used and improves the shop frontages on Leeming Street. To sit on all Strategic panels overseeing this project, and ensure updates are sent to all businesses in OUR town.

  • Town Centre Strategic Vision: The Economic Masterplan
  • To continue to lobby a strong and collective voice for businesses to influence future planning documents that affect OUR town and YOUR business. Ensuring the policy is robust and can influence ‘a town centre first’ ethos and oppose out of town retail development. To encourage private and public sector investment in ‘OUR TOWN’ first and foremost.

The savings on the weekly cardboard collection save the company more than the annual levy we pay.

Helen Lowry


More of the same, improve on what has been done, which itself is hard as I strongly believe the BID have been massive success for this town centre.

George Paterson

Inplace Personnel

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