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MANSFIELD BID / Safer & Welcoming Town Centre

Safer & Welcoming Town Centre

We prioritise safety within the town centre to be certain that there are minimal risks present for visitors and working businesses.

BID Support Officers

A new team will be launched in 2020 dedicated to patrol the town providing additional support to the Police and Mansfield District Council specialising in retail support. The team will have Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS) powers enabling legal powers to disperse town centre unsociable members of public cause public offences in Mansfield.

The team will continue to be the first point of contact for the BID providing support and advice to both members of the public and businesses.


Active Crime Intelligence System (ACIS) 2 is a secure and accredited online information sharing and exchange system for crime reduction within the business and retail community and is available free within Mansfield town centre BID.

The system aims to reduce crime through the sharing of information and is successfully used by over 70 towns and cities in the UK, including BIDs. 

 ACIS 2 is centrally managed and continually updated by Mansfield BID to offer great features and benefits including:
FREE to all city centre businesses 
ACIS 2 Intranet - A secure members-only website to access information, and submit reports to the group's administrator. 
There are separate groups for day and night-time businesses.
ACIS 2 messaging service and e-newsletter - Provides updates and key information to all members.
24/7 Access - Allows members to report and access information 24/7.
A mobile app for iOS and Android, which allows you to access information including offender galleries, news, alerts, documents, upcoming events, ID-sought images etc

Radio Link

The BID operates this scheme in the town centre. It provides a secure link for those BID members that sign up to it and to the police and CCTV control room. It provides a secure link to town businesses ensuring are well connected and able to respond and share intelligence instantly linking with CCTV and the BID Support Team as well as Police and Neighbourhood Wardens who are actively on the beat. It is a valuable tool for sharing information on incidents of crime, anti-social behaviour and potential offenders. There are currently almost 200 radio users on the radio network benefitting from the scheme.

In 2020 -2025 the BID plans to Invest in the system transferring it to a Digital Network.

Mansfield Business Crime Partnership

Mansfield BID Business Crime Partnership is an initiative that enables retailers to minimise stock loss and helps leisure operators reduce anti-social behaviour by sharing information by fortnightly meetings, town centre radiolink, the ACIS 2 website and App.

With over 150 members of the Mansfield Business Crime to include Transport Operators, Retailers, Licensed Venue, Nottinghamshire Police and Mansfield District Council and Nottinghamshire County Council. There is a need for a united approach in tackling business crime in Mansfield town centre and this initiative has been established as part of the Action Plan of the Mansfield BID Business Crime Partnership.

Working Together

Mansfield Business Crime Partnership is a member’s partnership between businesses, the police, Mansfield BID Company and District and County councils. Our aim is to reduce crime and the fear of crime to help make Mansfield a safer place to live, work, shop and visit for everyone. We all have a role to play to ensure that our businesses are sustainable and successful in the long term, by improving our knowledge and help prevent theft we can add value to our town centre.

Night Time Ambassadors

Mansfield BID continues to source funding for the delivery of the Ambassador role into the evening to serve our night time economy by providing 2 SIA trained Night time Ambassadors to endorse ‘Safe And Friendly Environment For All’ (SAFE for all) to all visitors to our town during the evening and maintaining a patrol and effective liaison with our night time venues. The Ambassadors work Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights as well as Sunday Bank Holiday weekends ensuring there is on site support and advice endorsing Mansfield as a ‘Safe Night Out Town’.

Diverted Giving Campaign 

New to 2018 we will continue work in partnership with Mansfield District Councils Mansfield Street Support, Diverted Giving Campaign which highlights an alternative way to donate money to provide support for genuine homeless and supports agencies that provide long term support for the homeless and vulnerable.

The BID continues to work with all multi-agency partners to address this ever-increasing issue in town. To ensure the message of support for genuinely homeless is backed by businesses and our visitors to deter from attracting opportunist who manipulate the kind-hearted natured community of Mansfield.

The MALV Pubwatch

Mansfield BID will continue to support The MALV meetings to ensure that licensed venues have a strong voice and feel inclusive that the BID services and work together seeking opportunities supports the Night Time Economy.

Nottinghamshire Police

Mansfield BID works in partnership to address and resolve localised issues that affect your business and Mansfield town centre. Our priority is ensure our town centre crimes and offences are logged investigated and dealt with.

The BID continue to investigate ways of smarter working linking the BID Initiatives with policing infrastructure to build more robust evidence against town centre offenders to lead to a stronger prosecution such as new initiatives as ‘Business Watch’ and our annual Policing Summit looking at high priority issues affecting the town.
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