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Your BID Team

Our Office Team

These are our main staff who are based within our office to ensure the planning and execution of events, campaigns, and other responsibilities of the BID are carried out with maximum impact to our area.


BID Chief Executive
My experience includes town centre regeneration projects, stakeholder partnership development, community safety initiatives, delivering events, marketing strategies, and developing and delivering environmental and public realm improvements.
I have a thorough understanding of regeneration schemes and how to bring them forward, working to resolve any issues that might be preventing delivery. I have worked on the regeneration of a number of strategic town centres within Walsall, setting up a number of town centre partnerships, and have secured vital investment in the continued development of strategies that result in the reduction in the number of vacant units.
I am one of just 45 BID managers to have worked towards, and gained, a certificate in BID Management.


Marketing & Event Co-ordinator
I have been at the BID since the very start and really enjoy my role as the team co-ordinator. Before this I worked at the Chad newspaper for 12 years and prior to that 7 years as the Newspaper Sales Manager at the Nottingham Evening Post. The experience and expertise I picked up from these roles has allowed me to develop strong ideas and skills at running the many events and marketing promotions for the town and businesses. As well as the day to day running of the BID office, planning our maintenance schedule, arranging workshops, etc., I also help maintain posts on our social network site. This allows the sharing of our businesses events, activities and promotions informing any visitors to the town what’s happening and when.

In my spare time I enjoy travelling, gardening & dancing and spending time with my husband and two sons.


Business Crime Co-ordinator
I joined the Mansfield BID Team in March 2014 and worked as an Ambassador for a little over 4 years. Since September 2018 I moved into the position of Business Crime Co-ordinator. Prior to my time with Mansfield BID, I served for 14 years as a Police Officer with Nottinghamshire Police, during which time I worked in several roles within the Service and gained a variety of knowledge & experience in the different areas that I worked. Prior to this, I have also worked as a Prison Officer; spent over 7 years within the retail environment and also had a period of time in the Pub Trade where I worked as an Assistant Manager for Mansfield Brewery.

I am from Mansfield originally, and have a vested interest in the town where I live and where my Wife ran a successful business for 6 years supplying bottled Real Ales & Ciders. I have been married since 2002 and in my spare time, I enjoy riding my mountain bike & walking in the Peak District / Lake District when my time permits. I am also a keen member of the Mansfield & Ashfield Branch of CAMRA.

Our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors will be the face, eyes and ears for the BID team, ensuring town centre operations run smoothly. Our experienced team will provide a welcoming sense of security and a visible presence within the BID area. To arrange an ambassador visit to your business, call 01623 633939.


I have worked in Mansfield Town Centre for the past 18 years in a variety of security positions including Woolworth’s, B&Q, M&S and the Four Seasons Shopping Centre. Before this I worked as a doorman in the town so have always held my SIA badge and have a vast expanse of dealing with security issues and confrontations. I have now been with Mansfield BID since 2011 and really enjoy working with the businesses and the other partners

I have been married for 32 years and have 4 children. In my spare time I enjoy fishing, playing darts.


I have spent my career helping to keep people safe - I am a former security and former prison officer, and have also been a special constable with the police. My role, alongside that of colleague Dave Dowson, is to help co-ordinate crime prevention in Mansfield Town Centre, often acting as liaison between businesses, local authorities, the police and members of the public.

It's a challenging role but one I am really looking forward to continuing to fulfil.

Outside of work, one of my main hobbies is to partake in paranormal investigation. 

What do the Ambassadors do?

Our team of Ambassadors will be the face, eyes and ears for the BID team, ensuring City centre operations run smoothly. Our experienced team will provide a welcoming sense of security and a visible presence within the BID area. Our Ambassadors will undertake a wide range of tasks including :
• Greeting visitors to the town and be available to members of the public requiring help, assistance, advice, guidance and direction etc.
• Advising shoppers and visitors about the range of services and facilities.
• Providing a presentable, highly visible and friendly walking visitor information service and business liaison service.
• Maintaining an excellent understanding of town centre operations, events, attractions and BID activities.
• Visiting businesses regularly to address business needs, suggestions, security matters and record incidents, complaints or other feedback.
• Patrolling the town centre on a daily basis.
• To work with Police, PCSO’s, CCTV operators and other partners to assist in the reduction of stock loss and antisocial behaviour.
• Offering basic First Aid and assist with lost children and offer assistance to vulnerable people or potential criminal activity.
• Assisting businesses with co-ordinating promotions through to dealing with anti-social behaviour.
• Supporting property owners in keeping boundaries clean, tidy and attractive and devoid of litter.
• Maintaining communications with the control room, management and other agencies through the use of the radio, or other means as required.
• Business contact gathering info – initial contact with levy payers.I have been married for 32 years and have 4 children. In my spare time I enjoy fishing, playing darts.

Night Time Ambassadors

Mansfield BID has invested £X? to enable the delivery of the current Night Time Ambassadors in the Town centre during the night time economy.

Night Time Ambassadors provides a safe, and friendly environment for everyone of all ages and vibrant night out in Mansfield. Our aim is to make the town streets a safer place for all who head into the town centre to enjoy our restaurants, pubs, bars and nightclubs.

Our Night Time Ambassadors provide a visual presence providing safety care, advice and assistance for anyone who needs it, advice and support to ensure their wellbeing, feel safe and secure in the town whilst visiting and a safe return journey to get home.

The BID provide this service 173 days each year covering Thursday, Fridays and Saturday nights aswell as Sunday nights of bank holiday weekends, ensuring we provide the continual offer of safety, advice and support supporting our night time economy and vistitors alike.

The Night Time Ambassadors not only reduces the pressure on local accident and emergency departments but also offers support to local licensed venues as well as assisting in the reduction of night-time anti-social behaviour in the city.

The BID Support Staff

These staff members aid the main staff to ensure every aspect for he BID is running as good as it can be, ensuring the presence of the BID, wether physical, or digital, is optimised to it's full potential.


Business Administrator Apprentice


Website & Media Designer


PR Consultant


CDS Cleansing & Maintenance


CDS Director


Business Savings Expert

Our Board Members

Our board members play a vital role of representing each of the business sectors present within our town centre. Collectively, at regular meetings, they provide strategic direction for current and future campaigns, events and aspects relating to the BID.


Sankey Estate Agent



I am a founding member of the Mansfield Business Improvement District.
I have contributed from the beginning of this vitally important process by taking a very active part in the many activities already begun and in place.
We will continue to make further strides towards making our Town Centre a better place to trade from.
I have attended all but a few of the meetings of the Management Board.
Tel: ‭01623 627247‬
Email: enquiries@johnsankey.com


Dorothy Perkins


I have worked in retail for 36 years and 32 of these in retail management. I have been the manager in the Westgate unit since 2000 when it was originally Etams, therefore I can totally understand and empathise with the situation that some retailers find themselves in during this difficult trading climate, along with the need to deal with change. I do communicate on a regular basis with other fashion retailers in the town and would be in a position to obtain their views on how they feel the town could be improved and moved forward to compete with other neighboring towns. I feel that security is of great importance to the town for the general public and businesses to ensure a safe and relaxed environment and the introduction of the BID ambassadors have been much appreciated by business owners/ managers like me.
Tel: ‭‭01623 647376‬
Email: mandy.hague@ntlworld.com




My journey started 16 years ago with Bonmarche, where I began as a weekend sales colleague.
Since then I have developed and have been a store manager for around 12 years.
I have gained experience and knowledge throughout my career and believe I would bring my enthusiastic nature to the table if I was elected as the large retailer board representative. I live, work and shop in Mansfield and feel very passionate about my home town.
I have been involved with the BID since I became the store manager at the Westgate branch and would like to contribute and work alongside the BID on behalf of businesses in the town centre.
Tel: ‭‭01623 654384‬
Email: eliciapark18@gmail.com


Four Seasons Shopping Centre


I have been the Centre Manager of the Four Seasons Shopping Centre for over 14 years. As well as working in the town, I was born here, live here and have 2 children that go to school and college here. My own background is in marketing having started my career at the Chad, followed by a marketing and Duty Management role with Westfield. I have been involved in the BID since its early stages as I believe passionately that by working together we can pool our skills, resources and efforts to strengthen the viability and vitality of our town, and in turn our own businesses.
Tel: ‭‭01623 641628‬
Email: rebekah.oneill@fourseasonsshopping.co.uk


Bryan & Armstrong Solicitors


Along with all members of the BID board I am committed to improving the facilities and events available in Mansfield.
I have worked in the town since 1982 and I am a partner in a long established firm of solicitors providing advice and assistance to individuals and businesses in the area. As a levy payer we have a vested interest in the success of BID.
I have been involved with the BID for several years now and I have seen what the BID can do to assist businesses with services which are not available elsewhere.
I have delivered, via the BID, occasional free workshops on legal topics of interest to businesses in the town.
I am able to be a channel of communication between professional services businesses and the BID board on issues of concern.
Tel: ‭‭‭01623 626039‬
Email: nevil.croston@bryanandarmstrong.co.uk


Mansfield Computer Store


In January 2014 the chance arose to take over the old Mansfield Computers and Electronics site on Albert Street as a going concern. Sadly over time it had seen a slump and needed a kick start which I took on board.
After just over a year at that location it was obvious that times had changed and the business needed a fresh location. A few new places were considered with 13 Church Street eventually being deemed the best all round. I’ve lived locally all my life and in the town since 1993. I have an increased passion for the town since started working in it. This, along with my passion for my business, I feel could be a positive contribution to the future of the BID. Having the opportunity to help improve the town is an honour and privilege.
Tel: ‭‭‭01623 657000‬
Email: mansfieldcomputerstore@gmail.com


F.A. Henshaw ltd.


I am a local woman who works in my family business that has been in Mansfield Town Centre since 1945. I have extensive knowledge of the local area and have lived here most of my life and am passionate about Mansfield. I have continued to grow the family business and am currently in the process of establishing an e commerce website. I pride myself on the shop remaining very customer focussed. My staff and I have won several awards for our customer service skills.
Tel: ‭‭‭01623 621949‬
Email: f-a-henshaw@btconnect.com


Romans Antiques & Collectables


I am the business owner of Romans Antiques based on Market Place which has been trading for the past two years. I have been in business in Mansfield town centre since 1979. I have seen many detrimental changes in our town and now I cherish the opportunity to be able to address them. I care passionately about the current state of Mansfield Town Centre and the demise of the High Street and markets nationally. My priorities if are to strive for a better and safer retail environment for Mansfield town centre and to safeguard its future.
Tel: ‭‭01623 237574
Email: sarmstrong832@gmail.com


Queen Elizabeth Trust


Over the years, I have developed a mixed property portfolio, including car parks, retail and land. This also includes a Grade 2-listed retail premises in the town, purchased in a derelict state.
The current economic crisis has undoubtedly, affected inward investment, cash flow, footfall levels and unemployment.
It is with my personal history, strong sense of community, business background and as a levy payer; that I would like to continue to be involved as a member of the Bid Board.
During my membership of the Bid Board, I have endeavoured to be a constructive and active member, with a good attendance record.
Tel: ‭‭‭07790 850496‬
Email: garner2108@btinternet.com


Brunts Charity


Within the town, we have a portfolio of retail properties which generates income in support of our charitable objectives, whilst supporting the economical regeneration and it is in this capacity that I represent the Business Development Initiative. (BID) as a landlord/business and currently I am a volunteer trustee/director where my aim is to add value to the CEO/Staff and other stakeholders, in supporting and improving the towns business environment in order to promote Mansfield as a safe and enjoyable environment to visit and reside in.
Tel: ‭‭‭‭01623 623055‬
Email: paul@bruntscharity.org.uk


Stag & Pheasant


I have been working in the pub industry for 21 years after attaining a BA Hons Degree In Design Marketing. Initially starting in hotels, I have managed various branded pubs for the last 15 years. In that time I have developed various connections in Mansfield whilst working with Yates, Chicago Rock and now the Stag & Pheasant Originally from the North East my relocation to Mansfield is now considered ‘home’, where I reside with my wife and 2 children. Putting Mansfield on the map is of great importance and growing the town across all business sectors is something I feel passionate about. The drive emanating from the BID is a real positive for Mansfield and being part of the BID team gives me the chance to share my ideas and help to drive Mansfield forward.
Tel: ‭‭‭01623 412890‬
Email: p6423@jdwetherspoon.co.uk


andwhynot / Industria / Cheeky Monkey / Late Lounge


Until c1994, the older part of this site had been the well-known Stag and Pheasant. Built in 1912, it replaced a long-standing pub of the same name which had traded on this corner site since the early 1800s.
Now the new Stag & Pheasant incorporates the great value of JD Wetherspoons throughout the week, with great tasting food and a wide selection of drinks. We also have an amazing weekend atmosphere where you can party with our DJs playing the best hits in town!
Tel: ‭‭‭07790 850496‬
Email: paulanderton@ntlworld.com
The Cheeky Monkey
The Late Lounge


McDonald's Franchisee


After 20 years working in the Marketing and then the PR Department of McDonald’s Corpora-tion, I became a McDonald’s Franchisee. I own several restaurants in the area now, including the McDonald’s on Westgate in Mansfield town centre. I am fully invested in the success of our town and will work alongside my colleagues to ensure Mansfield remains an attractive place to do business, is a first class place to live and work, and creates a welcoming environment for everyone who visits the town.
Email: jacqui.moore1@btopenworld.com

Statuary Members

A public partner that shares a collective corporate responsibility for the decision-making of the board.


Executive Mayor
County  Councillor

Co-opted Members

People who are chosen by the company to represent a specific area or issue of consideration. These have no voting rights.
Regeneration & Community Safety
Economic Development
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